Helen Breach Artist and Designer, Norfolk

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The Bunting Cross is an original cross from the first World War, used to identify Donald Bunting who died 1915 in the trenches. Donald was a local boy and the cross is quite a rarity. The painting that forms the backdrop for the cross is acrylic on canvas, 1200 x 950mm.

The display case in which the cross was kept had been devoid of any information, part of my brief was to provide some relevant, interesting facts. Swaffham Museum re-opens on Monday 17th May 2021 when the completed display cabinet will be seen for the first time. Swaffham Museum 4 London Street Swaffham Norfolk PE37 7DQ Opening times 10.00 - 5.00 every day except Sunday.

The Trench - The Trench Backdrop to the Bunting Cross, Acrylic on canvas 1200 x 950mmThe Trench

The Trench

Soldiers - Soldiers preliminary sketch for Bunting Cross cabinetSoldiers


The Observer - Preliminary sketch for The TrenchThe Observer

The Observer

Trench March - Preliminary sketch for The TrenchTrench March

Trench March

The empty Display CabinetThe empty Display Cabinet

The empty Display Cabinet