Helen Breach Artist and Designer, Norfolk

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The Art Battle

Helen Breach has always enjoyed the challenge of life-drawing. On 15th October, in the Vaults in Waterloo, Helen will experience the biggest challenge that she has ever faced with life-drawing - The Art Battle! As one of ten selected artists, she will be part of the first cult competitive life-drawing night. Organised by London Drawing and Art Battle London, it will be evening of live art and creativity with an audience watching and voting for their favourites, as artists compete against each other in rounds. Paintings (18” x 24”) to be created in half-an hour! The art work created in the battles goes into a silent auction and half the money goes to a local charity and half to the artist. But it’s the joining-in that counts!

Check out the facebook website  https://www.facebook.com/Art-Battle-London

Concentration - Concentration, Getting to grips with the subject, to paint picture within half-an-hour!Concentration


Half-hour up! Final round. - Half an hour up. Final round. Painting concluded.Half-hour up!  Final round.

Half-hour up! Final round.